Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shop Move...

So, on Thursday I was called to a meeting in the GPO, the building my shop is in. Turns out (they say) that I should have not been rented the space in the first place, as it is technically a fire escape/smoke corridor and is breaking a ton of building regulations. I had no choice but to move. Boo.

News is that the shop is still in the GPO for now, until August, but is located on Level 1, just outside lift A.

I have found a cool new location, but it's not confirmed, so watch this space!

Thanks so much to all the girls who have enquired about dresses and alterations. You are all very lovely!

See you soon!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Offshore Radio Theatre + Hair Tutorial (of sorts)

Last night we went to the 2nd Offshore Radio Theatre at The Kelvin Club. I did my hair and wore a 60's lace cocktail dress. (And a fur wrap - it was cold!)

Curl your hair in sections towards your face. I did a side part.

Leave for as long as possible and gently unroll the curls.

Comb them with your fingers.

Roll your fringe section and pin. Ta-da.

Lord Kelvin of The Kelvin Club.

More pics to come!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Army Pants!

Hi there. Do excuse my strange early morning face!

I went to my local op shop and found these...1967 deadstock woollen army pants. For $8. A few minutes on the sewing machine to taper the legs and take in the waist and they fit pretty well. Plus, they're nice and warm for riding my bike to work.

They have cool pleat detailing...

Action shot! You can sort of see my satchel - I should do a post on that too...

I have recently found a nice new lipstick too - MAC's Del Rio. It's a great matte natural "lip" colour and stays well put. Check it out.

See you soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things of Late...


Lately I built a bike. Sick of the trams - only one solution. Find a cheap Malvern Star at Camberwell markets and do the following:

Strip frame of wheels and other bike bits:

Buy paint stripper.

Apply stripper.


Wet sand and strip all remaining paint:

Spray it with metal primer:

Spray it gloss black:

Buy wood, glue and timber stain:

Cut it up, glue it together:

Make a box:

Put it all together (with the help of the lovely guys at Little Mule):

TA DA!!!
Rides like a dream. Brooks saddle and grips, Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal hub gears, and a gloss black paint job by yours truly.

Also, this - a new dress for me, made from 1940's deadstock wool.

Laying out pattern:

Sew the body of the dress together:

Drafting collar shape:

Peter Pan collar draft:

Nearly done - just need to buy me a zip!: