Saturday, August 29, 2009

Harrisville Cemetry...

Garth and I went for a drive and stumbled upon this old cemetry...

How sweet is the letter? There was a grave totally covered in them, the lady's husband was still alive and had written her a letter every year on the anniversary of her death. Every letter started with the number of days and weeks since her death. I nearly cried. And "Little Harry?" I would have loved to meet him...

Look - you can see my car! I love those hands, there were heaps all over the graveyard, I found a loose pair on the grass. They're now on my kitchen shelf.

My favourite ones are the ones with pictures of the couple on some special day, like their wedding. Look at those two..
Garth hates going to cemetries. He says it's depressing, but I find it so interesing. I guess I don't think about the bodies in the ground, more about the people's lives, names, when they lived...all that stuff. I kind of "shop" for kid's names too..

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