Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The hats are ready!

I was sent an email by a girl who wanted to buy some curlers (see last post) asking about the hats I posted a week or so ago. So, here they are. They're all from the 50's-60's and are in great condition. I have cleaned and steamed them into shape. I'll post anywhere in the world and am happy to combine postage if you want curlers too!

For identification purposes, I'll just number them. Email me at karleeslater@optusnet.com.au and let me know which hat you'd like. First in, first served! Let's say $30 per hat?

Hat 1:Navy blue with a wide satin ribbon. **SOLD**

Hat 2: Chocolate brown with feather trim.

Hat 3: Navy blue fedora style with grosgrain ribbon.

Hat 4: Dove grey with light and dark grey grosgrain ribbon.

Hat 5: Forest green with cream and green grosgrain ribbon.

Hat 6: Cloche style green felt with felt band.

Hat 7: Hunter green "hairy" felt with feather trim.

Hope you like them!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who Wants/Needs Deadstock 1930's Curlers?

So, I came across this box.

It said this:

I opened it and saw:

Ariel Hair Curlers!

In perfect condition!

With Instructions!

There's 12 dozen (that's 144 cards) in here. I only have so much hair. Would anyone like to buy some? I've looked around and it seems that similar items sell for between $8.95 and $18 per card. How does $7 per card sound? (There are 3 curlers per card.) Email me at karleeslater@optusnet.com.au if you'd like some...Of course, I'll post anywhere in the world.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Peter Pan Collars and Marcasite Brooches...

This dress arrived in the mail yesteday and fits like a glove. It's a light wool, which makes it great for winter. I wore it to work and out to see a friend's band play.

The brooch is marcasite, which is actually iron disulphide. (Ok, I googled it.)Apparently it started to gain use and popularity in England during the 18th century and was used to make lockets, brooches, and cameos, and as a substitute for "cut steel" beads that were popular in Georgian times.

Sorry about the blurry photo. I was in a rush!

Marcasite really gained popularity after the death of Queen Victoria's husband. "Dark and Sombre" was in. Silver and Marcasite jewellery became the fashion for the middle class and continued to the end of the Art Deco Period. This one was made in Germany and was given to my great aunt.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Winter Hair and Rescued Hats...

I've been so busy lately and I need to keep my hair out of my face at work, so I've been experimenting with ways to wear my hair up. This is pretty much my go-to style at the moment...

In other news...HATS!

A friend told me she'd seen a pile of old hats crushed in a suitcase at the op shop. I went to check it out and ended up bringing them all home.

I'm slowly steaming and reshaping them. I'll see which suit me and maybe put the rest up for sale here. They're all felt and from the fifties. Score!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm really busy this week, but just a short post to thank Tresna from Foodhands.com for the lovely feature on her site. Click here to read. :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"The Usual?"

I live very near a florist. I also love jonquils and early cheers. So much so that the florist says "The usual?" when I walk in.

I was given these by my boss at the coffee shop this week. He's heard about my secrect project and that I might be leaving work to focus on that...hence the note.

We'll see...