Thursday, April 29, 2010

Latest Project...

I found this bedsheet in an op shop in the country. It originally had a massive horse head in the centre, but a really cute riding hat and crop print. I was able to salvage just enough to make this dress.

It's a combination of the colette patterns "Sencha" blouse and a Built By Wendy skirt pattern. With a pussy bow collar.

My hair was pretty rubbish after a day at work, so I hid it under this brown felt hat. Garth said I looked like an air hostess, so I wore my PanAm Junior Flyer wings too.

I quite like it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Needs Deadstock Bullet Bras?

I found these two 50's cotton bras a while ago and have not yet worn them. I'm cleaning out my closet, so they're up for sale. One is a 32B, one is a 34B. Both are in perfect condition, still in the original packaging.

Email me if you're interested, we'll work out a price that suits -

I'm more than happy to post them overseas...

**EDIT** Both bras have found new homes! thanks for your interest!

A Slight Chill...

It's starting to get cooler here now. I think I'm going to need more coats!

It was a particularly windy, cold day. The locals tell us that this is unusually warm weather for April...

I got this dress at a car show years ago, but only recently rediscovered it.

In other news, I'm thinking of getting a bike.
The end.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Art Melbourne 10!

Garth and I were lucky enough to score opening night tickets to Art Melbourne 10, courtesy of Miss Gemma Jones. She manages Outre Gallery, which showcases lowbrow,contemporary international pop, street, tiki, pop surrealism, modern folk, retro with a twist and underground art. Do yourself a favour, head over there now!

Outré is at D12

Installation of Outré stand at Art Melbourne 2010

Installation of Outré stand at Art Melbourne 2010

Garth and Karlee

Basically the exhibition is a collection of galleries, each bringing their best works, under one roof. It really is worth a look, (although, I did spend most of my time at the Outre booth...I couldn't help it! Excellent friends and excellent art!)

Friends with You + Shag


Terry and his super cute daughter

Beci Orpin little birdie collage - so lovely!

Opening night

Lots to see - if you're not in Melbourne, check out the Outre gallery shop - you can order their awesome stuff there. Three cheers for Outre and Art Melbourne!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Photobooth...

As promised, the pics from Talor's photobooth at the Jumble Sale...beautiful work.


Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.



Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.



Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Sunday Best Photo Booth.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sunday Best Jumble Sale...

Yesterday, the talented and amazing Miss Talor Browne hosted the Sunday Best Jumble Sale at Captains of Industry. There was helium balloons, fairy floss, bunting, cupcakes, beautiful girls and beautiful vintage. And a photobooth - pics coming soon!

This is the scene that greeted those who ventured around the corner into Sommerset Place... the lovely Ben and his roadster. And bunting! I wore a hat.


I wore...

Congratulations and gratitude to Miss Browne. The next Jumble Sale will be on at the same place, in June. Find out more here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Swap Meet Score...

We got up extra early to drive the hour or so to the Castlemaine Swap Meet.
For those who've never been to one, a swap is basically an oval, or similar large space, filled with stalls selling anything from old sewing machines to deadstock 1920's car parts. You can always find a bargain, but you have to get there early!
Here's what I found:

A 50's Pan Am "Junior Flyer" badge, a 30's (?) carved bakelite brooch and an amazing knotted plastic cord brooch. I know there's a name for this style of jewellery - I think women made them during the war...does anyone know?

A vintage Capstan cigarettes tin. (Quick google search reveals this one to be from 1910!)

And this...

It's Miss Bernice Ayres' friendship book. She got it as a Christmas gift. In 1907.

"I love you little, I love you big, I love you as a little pig." Ha!

As sure as the grass grows round the stump, you are my little sugar lump." Awww...

One more find, but it needs cleaning up before it makes an appearance here...soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chewton Cemetery...

It's been a while since I've been to a good cemetery. One with old, old graves, tall trees and lots of shade. Garth and I went to the Castlemaine Swap Meet today - photos soon to come - and on the way home, we stopped at the Chewton Cemetery...(warning - image heavy!)I wore my new coat. It was freezing!

If you've made it this far - well done. Pictures of the swap meet score tomorrow!