Friday, August 14, 2009


Look what arrived! Two dead stock perfect 50's suspender belts. Still with tags. I love ebay some days. They'll be perfect to hold up my fully fashioned nylons that arrived in the post a few weeks back. Until now, I've been using a "modern" retro styled belt, but it doesn't give the "support" that I'm after.

If you're wondering how the roller set turned out, here's a pic. It's not the best as I rushed getting ready and had to blow dry (shudder) some bits. I think I prefer pincurls.

We saw Public Enemies last night and now I'm all inspired to buy 30's hats. Billie Frechette was Dillinger's girlfriend and whoever did the costuming did a great job. It wasn't too "overdone" if you know what I mean.

How great is this dress? I'm yet to tackle making one with little cap sleeves like this, but this dress sure made me want to try!

Off to put in some pin curls..

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