Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday In Green..With Tiny Pincurls!

I set my hair last night in the littlest pin curls I've ever done - by winding the sections around a mascara tube. My vintage pincurl clips wouldn't hold, so I reverted to good ol' bobby pins, which were a lot more uncomfy to sleep in. (but still a far cry from the time I tried sleeping in brush rollers!)

The set held REALLY well, very bouncy and is still going strong. I quite like it. I didn't follow any real pattern, except for rolling the front ones towards my face and the rest of the "up."

I wore my green and white 50's daydress, which I got from a thrift store in Warwick - I walked in just as they were closing and saw a whole "block" of vintage prints in the dresses rack. I didn't even look at the sizes, because the lady at the counter was giving me the evil eye. I just scooped them all up and paid my $33 for the ... 11 dresses! Value!


  1. im gonna have to try doing my hair in curls like that. yours looks great! i really enjoy reading your blog :]

  2. Yay for a great deal on dresses! Can't wait to see ;)

    Your curls turned out really sweet, my hair is getting much too long to do anything really, time for a snip snip!

    The thought of trying to sleep in brush rollers makes me laugh :)

  3. You look so pretty! Your hair and outfit is perfect :)


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