Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giant Pizza, The Hoover Dam, Vegas and Kingman...

After consuming a giant slice in downtown LA, we headed to Vegas for thrift stores. Someone told Garth they were great...which was a slight exaggeration. I did get a thirties style dress and some oxfords, which you'll see later...

Then we headed to the Hoover Dam, and Kingman. There just happened to be a hot rod show and six or seven vintage/antique stalls, so both of us were well satisfied! I got some great old photos and some glasses, a 40's dress,a 50's skirt and a thirties style dress. (photos to come...)

We stayed here for the hot rod show and street drags...

Kingman wins my award for nice people and cheap vintage so far!

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  1. a pizza slice with slices within the slice? and i dont think ive ever heard of a more promising thrift store than "opportunity village"! thats my kind of vegas!

    yes, ive also heard vegas was a thrifting mecca, but ive never made it up there to test my luck. its not so great? bummer.


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