Monday, October 5, 2009

Hot Rod Revolution, the Big Sur and San Fran!

Garth was super excited to go the the Hot Rod Revolution, a car show in Santa Rosa, so we went and met some great guys and girls. Shame about the epic heat, but a great day nonetheless. I wore my new 60's(?) dress.

Then it was onto San Francisco. We arrived just in the middle of what can best be described as a " leather appreciation" parade. As a result of the masses of male flesh on display, Garth has deciced that he is not that hairy after all! (ew.) On a more aesthetically pleasing note, we walked down/up Haight St and found a beautiful florist...

We came across this stream, such a beautiful spot, with wild berries growing everywhere and these old wooden chairs in the water. Reminded me of some party from the old days, where everyone would wear their finest and go down to the river...
This old lighthouse was also on the way. 150 years old, the sign said.

New York pics to come...


  1. The pictures look great :-) Are they actual polaroid transfers? If not, I wish I had your photo editing skills.. great shots and such cool outfits :-D

  2. why thank you! sadly, they are not real polaroids, I just have played with photoshop alot. The dress i wore at the lighthouse is just an old bedsheet, made from a 50's pattern. thanks for the compliments :)


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