Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today Garth was nice enough to take some outfit photos for me. The cats were nice enough to pose. The weather was nice enough not to rain. My hair was nice enough to be cooperative.

I wore my 50's "ensemble" - a funny little dress with a short sleeve blue knit jumper with a matching peter pan collar. When I saw it in a vintage store in Salt Lake City, it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. The guy on the left is Tybalt, I rescued him from a shelter when he was a kitty. The lady on the right is Kitty Pryde, or Notail. She's another rescue from the local paper. And she has no tail. (So it's not just a clever name.)

I also got an exciting email, but I'll let you know more about that in the next post...

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  1. Aww! Kitty Pryde looks just like my kitty (although she has a tail). So cute and I love the colors in your outfit! So happy!


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