Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Valita Milner...

While I was in the US, I collected some old photos. My favourite of all is this one:

The handwriting under the picture says "Valita Milner." I put her into google and...

She's number 10 from the left, in the second row, next to the teacher. It HAS to be her. The class photo was taken in 1940-41, and she's in "Junior High" so that would make her about 14 (?) in that working back, 14 years from 1941 is 1927. I'm guessing she's about 2 in the baby photo, so she was born in 1929-30.

I wonder what else she did. Or if she's alive now. She'd be 79 by now...It's funny, when I saw the baby photo, I thought she'd grow up to be beautiful, and by the looks of it, she's one of the cutest girls in her class, 12 years later! She went to Konawa High School, in Oklahoma..if anyone knows her, I'd love to know more about her,(and show her her old photos!)

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  1. wow, that's amazing that you found out so much about her! I am from Oklahoma...I googled Konawa (I'd never heard of it!) and its about 2 hours from where I live. Maybe she's still there? :)


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