Tuesday, November 24, 2009

D.I.Y. Weekend...

Here are some detail shots from the last dress I made...

The weekend held a much larger (and time consuming) project though. My Nana has had this fridge since the late 40's and I had coveted it ever since I was little. When we bought our house, she gave it to us! It's got a lot of wear and tear, so we set about tarting it up a bit...The process was as follows:

Note Damage.

Sand off top layer of old (lead) paint.
Wear a mask!

Tape up any areas you don't want painted.

Mix up your paint and thinners.

Spray in long, slow strokes.
Let it dry.
Sand again.

Take off tape.

Voila! New fridge!


  1. Wow! The fridge looks magnificent.
    HMV made fridges? How bizarre.
    -Andi x

  2. The man who runs the antiques store near my work has a similar fridge with pin ups painted on it but he uses it as shelves. You have done a great job!

  3. Nice fridge.

    I have my great grandmas 40s O'Keefe gas stove/oven that is going in our house when we buy it. I am so excited :)


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