Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mail Call!

I arrived home after a particularly bad day at work to find a parcel waiting.

I opened it to find a dress I had been waiting for...

A cute little 50's number...

In novelty car print! Alas, it was too big...

So out came the sewing machine...

Now it fits like a glove!

I love mail.


  1. just found your blog and so glad I did. You are stunning, gal! Gorgeous blog....

  2. Oh that dress looks adorable on! I'm quite envious.

  3. I love getting mail! If I didn't ebay so much I'd only be receiving bills, and that just takes the magic out of it.
    I'm envious of your ability to take in dresses, it's a skill I really need to learn (passed up on a fab dress at the opshop today because it didn't fit right, and I am soooo regretting it right now...)

  4. That's a very cute pattern on a very cute dress.
    You look lovely.


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