Monday, December 7, 2009

So that's where I get the dimples from...

My aunt (or really, my mum's aunt Berry)is now 89. She has been compiling a family history book for as long as I can remember. I was looking through it the other day and found some pictures of my Grandma, (mum's mum) and thought you might like them. It's been way too hot here to take any of my own outfit photos anyway, so Grandma's will have to do!

Love the hat, love the braids, love the dress!

Poor quality - but look at that hair!

Bottom picture - classic.

Love those knitted sweaters/jumpers!

...and the 40's suits.

Switchboard girl!

She's nearly 90 now, but still going strong! Yay Grandma!


  1. Gorgeous photos!
    My mother (now 78) has a few of those pics with her walking down the street. I asked how they came about and she said that when you passed a photographers studio they would take a photo of you. You could then go in and buy it. I am not sure if some photograher was sat outside snapping everyone, or if they had another way to do it (surely not automatic in those days?). I wonder if your grandmother got those walking shots the same way.

  2. she's beautiful! Love all the clothes and hair style...such flair!


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