Sunday, December 27, 2009


So...I’m thinking of starting an Etsy Shop.

It would sell dresses that I had made from original vintage patterns.
There would be a photo of the original pattern, and a photo of the actual dress.
All dresses would be made to a professional standard, lined, overlocked, etc.
Each style would be available in XS, S,M and L.
Prices would be around $100 Australian dollars, depending on the work in each dress.
What do you think...would you buy one?
What styles would you like to see?
Fabrics, eras?
Ask and you shall receive!

**EDIT** - What if each dress was custom made to your measurements? You could order on Etsy, then send through your measurements and get a dress that looks vintage but fits you perfectly...would you pay slightly more, (say $30 AUD) for that service?

Oh - someone asked if they sent me a vintage pattern and their measurements, could I make the dress to fit them? The answer is yes!
And I will ship internationally.


  1. This sounds like a great idea! I would buy them, in particular 40's and 50's style sundresses. Also being that you are based in Australia I'm more likely to purchase as you are just over the ditch and the dollar isnt as low. :)

  2. You should you should! That would be incredible! I wouldn't be able to afford and I live in Canada so I couldn't buy. But I'd love to see your creations and I'm sure many others would buy.

  3. Oh, how much is Australian money compared to Canadian?

  4. Hi Kiri - $100 AUD is $92 CAD. Hope that helps!

  5. It sounds like a fan idea I would definately buy from you. Would you offer a service whereby if I sent you a vintage pattern would you would make it up for me?

  6. would you do international shipping?- i would definately pay but live in London :(
    please say yes!!!

  7. That's a YES to emma and sonj questions.

    It would cost slightly more if you send the pattern, and you'd have to either send the fabric you want or let me know the look you're after, but for sure, that'd be great.
    It would take about 10 or so days for a custom pattern.
    International shipping - of course!!!

  8. I think you have a great eye for style so I would definitely be interested. And living in Melbourne we could meet up for a fitting if I could ever afford a custom dress!?! How exciting!! Get cracking girl ;) xoxo

  9. A custom fit dress would be about $130-150. so it's cheaper than a CUE dress...

  10. Hello,

    Yes I would DEFINATELY buy dresses from you! I too would like to see some 1940s sundresses, as well as some in the shirtwaister style. I have collected alot of vintage patterns myself but as a beginner I am a little scared to try to make one would be lovely to have one made by you.

    Are you able to resize patterns? (i.e. increase the bust size).

    The idea sounds fantastic :D DO IT!

  11. mISS mEIOW -
    Yes indeed. resizing patterns is available if you send the pattern and your measurements and of course the fabric you want it made from. It will be about $20 extra, but I'll do it!

  12. given the above posts i think you should go for it!!!!
    let us know when it's live!!!

    best of luck

  13. I think this is brilliant. I'm a 30s fanatic, so would love to see some pieces from this decade. Would you ever consider custom orders where a customer came to you with a dress idea or pattern and asked you to make that for them? There's a US seller who does that and I have bought from her more than once because it can sometimes be hard to find exactly what I'm looking for.

  14. Are you planning to use high-quality fabrics (mean cotton rather than polyester)? If yes, I would be a customer! How much are you planning to charge for shipping to the US?

  15. I will be using cotton for sure. Polyester is too hot for our climate! And to the baroness, yes you will be able to send me patterns and have them made up. Do you mind telling how much your lady in the usa charges for this? Do you have to supply fabric?

  16. Oh and international shipping would be the cheapest I can find. I hate it when the shipping is almost as much as the item! I don't plan to make my money by hiking up shipping costs. That isn't fair. I want to run the kind of store i would actually buy from.


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