Friday, February 5, 2010

Melbourne's Sensory Lab...

Just a quick post about a new favourite place in my new town. Sensory Lab is a coffe shop like no other. It offers a range of different beans and a choice of brewing methods, which is really interesting. And the coolest thing is that the store is set up like a laboratory, complete with great tiled benches, surgical green walls, milk served in's so great.

Excuse the bad photos, I only had my iPhone on me. In uni, I was a barista, so I asked the manager if they were hiring and I'm going for a trial next week. Pretty excited.

For some reason I now want to paint my living room green...


  1. Ooh I work in the building and haven't even been there yet, I'll have to try it tomorrow! From what I've heard it's a huge step up from the crap coffee downstairs at the same establishment ;)

  2. I walked past there the other day, I'm really excited about trying it out! I love gimmicky themed places like that, we don't have nearly enough :D

  3. oooo, Jealous! That looks like a really neat joint. I was a barista in college, bad coffee is no longer acceptable :) I love a good coffee place. Fun.


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