Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mission Accomplished...

It rained pretty much all afternoon today, so I had no choice but to finish the dress.

After a quick try on it was obvious that the wide collar did not work. I also must have lost a little weight since the move (being too poor for beer and chocolate and walking everywhere will do that to a girl,) so I did some creative gathering, pleating and darting and came up with this.

I'm pretty happy with it! The "test wear" will be tomorrow...


  1. you are so tallented! thanks for giving us a glimpse of the process. that dress worked out perfectly. i really want to learn how to sew. my friends bought me lessons for my birthday, i must get onto that! x

  2. It looks wonderful. It would look great as a blouse too. I hope you are in more money soon for beer and chocolate.

  3. that looks really good. I just unpacked my sewing room and am super excited to start sewing again.


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