Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Secret Garden...

On one of our walks, we discovered that the St Kilda Botanic Gardens is only two streets away from our house.

So, do excuse the image HEAVY post! The photos all turned out so well...
There's greenhouses, a conservatory, a lake, ducks and a rose garden. And lots of spots for Garth to practice his "jumps." (This is his current obsession, inspired by our friend Danny, who has since moved to Japan and spread the "the jump" to a whole new country!)

It's starting to get cooler here (hello Autumn!) so a warmer outfit was in order.I wore this cool late 50's/early 60's dress. It has three quater sleeves and matches my new handbag quite well!

Oh, and I'm trying to wear more hats, so I wore this neat brown felt one. Garth wore his H&M pea coat and felt quite dapper.

Our next plan is to organise a picnic with friends here. Should be fun!

p.s - I've just set up my own flickr. Feel free to browse!


  1. I love beautiful public gardens... also love your outfit, especially the hat!

  2. Ohh, you're so lucky to live that close to a gorgeous park! It's practically in your backyard!

  3. oh how gorgeous. looks like you two have a lot of fun!

  4. is that the coat garth was wearing when a man who desired his likened gender tried in vain to coax a response from him? Kris

  5. I discovered the St Kilda gardens just a few weeks ago and now regularly spend time there. They're lovely, aren't they?


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