Monday, April 12, 2010

Swap Meet Score...

We got up extra early to drive the hour or so to the Castlemaine Swap Meet.
For those who've never been to one, a swap is basically an oval, or similar large space, filled with stalls selling anything from old sewing machines to deadstock 1920's car parts. You can always find a bargain, but you have to get there early!
Here's what I found:

A 50's Pan Am "Junior Flyer" badge, a 30's (?) carved bakelite brooch and an amazing knotted plastic cord brooch. I know there's a name for this style of jewellery - I think women made them during the war...does anyone know?

A vintage Capstan cigarettes tin. (Quick google search reveals this one to be from 1910!)

And this...

It's Miss Bernice Ayres' friendship book. She got it as a Christmas gift. In 1907.

"I love you little, I love you big, I love you as a little pig." Ha!

As sure as the grass grows round the stump, you are my little sugar lump." Awww...

One more find, but it needs cleaning up before it makes an appearance here...soon!


  1. the little pig poem made me snort like a pig for a second as I laughed. it was cute.

  2. Oh, the friendship book is so amazing! The poems are so cute. I love finding treasures like that.

  3. Great finds, Not sure of the name of the plastic brooch but there is a nice feature on them in "The 1940's Look" by Mike Brown if you dont have it already.

    XX Rosina Lee

  4. I love all your finds, especially the friendship book-- personal items like this are my favorite things to collect.


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