Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Needs Deadstock Bullet Bras?

I found these two 50's cotton bras a while ago and have not yet worn them. I'm cleaning out my closet, so they're up for sale. One is a 32B, one is a 34B. Both are in perfect condition, still in the original packaging.

Email me if you're interested, we'll work out a price that suits -

I'm more than happy to post them overseas...

**EDIT** Both bras have found new homes! thanks for your interest!


  1. i reckon that tom supple's lady - jemma - might like them!

  2. I'd love to have the 34B but I have heard that the cup sizing was done differently back then so I'd be afraid it was bigger than what I really am. They look great and I'd totally buy it depending on the price. I'm not home right now and checked this fast, but I'll try to send you an email tomorrow at the latest unless someone else got it first.

  3. Ooo how exciting! I've emailed :D
    Lottie x


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