Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The hats are ready!

I was sent an email by a girl who wanted to buy some curlers (see last post) asking about the hats I posted a week or so ago. So, here they are. They're all from the 50's-60's and are in great condition. I have cleaned and steamed them into shape. I'll post anywhere in the world and am happy to combine postage if you want curlers too!

For identification purposes, I'll just number them. Email me at karleeslater@optusnet.com.au and let me know which hat you'd like. First in, first served! Let's say $30 per hat?

Hat 1:Navy blue with a wide satin ribbon. **SOLD**

Hat 2: Chocolate brown with feather trim.

Hat 3: Navy blue fedora style with grosgrain ribbon.

Hat 4: Dove grey with light and dark grey grosgrain ribbon.

Hat 5: Forest green with cream and green grosgrain ribbon.

Hat 6: Cloche style green felt with felt band.

Hat 7: Hunter green "hairy" felt with feather trim.

Hope you like them!


  1. Wow!! These look amazing. I particularly like the dove grey one. You did an incredible job - they are like new.

  2. Those are some gorgeous looking hats! I wish I had some money to spare - I most like no. 5+6 - you did such a great job in reviving them :)

  3. cute! Hat's are risky to buy though, they often just don't sit right on me! In fact vintage hats generally look no good with my hair, shorter and curly looks best! a shame as these are all real nice!

  4. Just to let you know I love your blog so I'm passing on this Happy 101 award.

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  5. The navy blue fedoras are amazing - I love the ribbon! You did a great job restoring and cleaning them.

  6. Hey there, I've tagged you in one of my posts (todays). Check it out!


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