Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Princess...

Check out this little peice of awesome! She's a H.G. Palmer Princess and she's all mine.

She's got pretty dials...

Automatic Zigzag!

and thread settings!

I'm still researching it, but sources so far date her around 1941...anyone know better?


  1. Oh my! It's beautiful!
    Where did you get it?

  2. While I suppose it is possible she's that early, I highly doubt it and would say after the war as she's a made in Japan clone. These machines were mass produced in Japan post-war and badged under hundreds of different names and sold mainly in America, though obviously in Australia as well. I would guess H.G.Palmer is a department store? Or was? They likely bought the machines badged for them specifically, but the model itself will have also been sold elsewhere. All or some Canadian Kenmore machines are these, I have a blue one. Morse is another name you find, Princess, Sewcraft, American Beauty, et cetera. Also, the buttons there that say Embro, Silk, Norm are just for the feeddogs. Embro drops them completely, silk would be halfway, norm is normal obviously.

    Check out this Google image search:

    There is a whole vintage sewing machine group on Ravelry, or check out Wefixit on Yahoo Groups.

  3. Sounds like Rueby knows her sewing machines. Well, regardless of when she was made - she's lovely. :-)

  4. Yeah, it's definitely not as early as 1941. I don't think automatic zigzag came along for at least another decade? But its beautiful regardless!

  5. This particular H.G.Palmer sewing machine was sold through the H.G.Palmer electrical stores in the 1960's...I sold hundreds of them...H.G.P had these machines made in Japan. They were well made and practically faultless. They sold for 49 guines which is approx $ 100 in todays money...Keep it ...It will outlive you. Regards

  6. Yes I have the straight stitch H G Palmer, a big solid steel, enamel coated, blue one. I just love it, and it sews just beautifully. Not giving it up.

  7. If anyone is looking for the manual for an electric blue H G Palmer straight stitch sewing machine, the Morse sewing machine is exactly the same and you can download this manual for free at...
    If you are looking for a video on how to thread the machine and the bobbin, then you can find how to do that on youtube here...


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