Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Seven Fold Ties and Gift Vouchers...

A lovely chap called Brendan is getting married and asked me to make him some ties. So I did.

They're a 7 fold traditional design, handsewn and made from satin backed crepe.

I made up little calico pouches to carry them in with care instructions typed on my typewriter.

Thanks Brendan!

Golden Age now does gift is one I made today:

It's typed on the typewriter and backed with a vintage comic page. I feel productive!


  1. very nice! I love the comic page element. I was planning on making the ties for my fiancee and his groomsmen for our wedding next year. I think it will add a nice handmade touch.

  2. Lovely packaging and ties.

    I'm glad I said hello last week at Captains of Industry, will no doubt see you there again - I love the artichoke and cannellini bean toastie ^U^

    I'm saving up for one of your dresses right now.



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