Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things of Late...


Lately I built a bike. Sick of the trams - only one solution. Find a cheap Malvern Star at Camberwell markets and do the following:

Strip frame of wheels and other bike bits:

Buy paint stripper.

Apply stripper.


Wet sand and strip all remaining paint:

Spray it with metal primer:

Spray it gloss black:

Buy wood, glue and timber stain:

Cut it up, glue it together:

Make a box:

Put it all together (with the help of the lovely guys at Little Mule):

TA DA!!!
Rides like a dream. Brooks saddle and grips, Sturmey Archer 3 speed internal hub gears, and a gloss black paint job by yours truly.

Also, this - a new dress for me, made from 1940's deadstock wool.

Laying out pattern:

Sew the body of the dress together:

Drafting collar shape:

Peter Pan collar draft:

Nearly done - just need to buy me a zip!:


  1. That bike is so cool! I have been so into the idea of getting a push bike lately but with all the wedding expensive I don't have the spare cash. Hopefully after the wedding we can get bikes.

  2. Great bike! And what a lovely vintage dress...

  3. You are very handy with the paint and hammer and nails - I am impressed!

  4. Both are great – that bike is amazing!

  5. You are such a hard worker! I adore the pan collar dress - the fabric alone is incredible!


  6. your bike is a vision of loveliness! i especially like how you added the raw looking crate instead of the typical basket. throw in the peter pan collar... heaven!

  7. Hi,
    You're my blogger of the week:


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