Thursday, July 14, 2011

New New Dress...

Hi there!
(apologies in advance for the low quality pics - my camera is on its last legs.)

There have been many exciting and wonderful things since I last posted. Lots of happy customers at the shop, some nice press, good music with great friends and lots of tasty food.

This week I did two fun photoshoots, but I can't say who for yet, so watch this space around September! I had my makeup professionally done - hence the close up eye shot - look how neat the eyeliner is! (I need way more practice.)

This is a new (in the real sense of the word) dress. I am it's FIRST owner, which is a rarity for me. It's from Gorman, whose lovely things I usually covet from afar, but hey, there was a big big sale. It's sleeveless, which will be nice in summer, but it's waaaayy too cold for that now!


It's a really nice fabric, with a full circle skirt. I wore it with a black wool cardigan that I found at an op shop and shortened. No one makes nice cropped cardigans anymore! It's easy enough to do - just cut off the waist band and cut a section out of your sweater, then reattach the waistband. Just be careful the buttonholes still line up!

See you soon!


  1. Ooooo I just bought a Gorman dress today as well but the brighter coloured one - I love this style they are doing at the moment - bring on summer and more sales ^U^

    PS my slip is holding up very well under almost everyday wear and washing ^U^ thank you. Claire.


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