Friday, July 29, 2011

Taxi Driver...and the Rancho Deluxe Vintage Swap Meet!

Check out the outfits on these lady taxi drivers! The photo was taken in Detroit in the early 50's and they all look so cute.

I saw this picture on Twitter yesterday and figured I had everything I needed to try a similar style.


Take one cropped sleeve knit...

One pair of high waited 40's trousers and a skinny belt...

And one vintage silk scarf...
Et voila!

I kinda like it...

Also - if you're in Melbourne, come down to the Rancho Deluxe Vintage Swap Meet on Saturday. It runs from 9am-2pm and I'll be there selling vintage dresses - some of which have appeared on this blog.

There's a free BBQ, $50 flash tattoos, heaps of stalls selling vintage and it's not just for girls. Rancho Deluxe is a fully functioning hot rod workshop and there will be plenty of car paraphernalia and other awesome tidbits too.
It's at 34 Budd St Collingwood, just look for the cool cars!

See you there!


  1. I love your style, and I'm so jealous of your swap meet! I buy all my vintage online. I'll buy in person one day... :)

  2. You're a doll! I've been trying to get the vintage scarf style to work for me but it always comes undone or falls out. Any tips???

  3. Bobby pins! Hide them under the knot and the scarf should stay put all day.

  4. Thank you, I'll have to try that!

  5. Lovely outfit!
    You looks so pretty, typical 1940s-1950s gal.


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