Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweat and Cemeteries, Polka Dots and Hailstones...

Garth was in a driving mood today, so I was able to tick off not one, but two cemeteries on my list. For the last three days, we have had 32 degree temperatures. (That's 90 Fahrenheit for you US readers.) It's almost unbearable. For those who haven't experienced it, Australian heat is wet, sticky and not at all conducive to vintage. I do however, have a few day dresses that make the heat manageable. This one was from an op shop in Warwick. ($3, I believe.)It's light pink with dark brown dots. I love it.

For those who have never been to Ipswich, (and I'm guessing that's everyone) it's a small town about half an hour's drive from Brisbane. It's known for delinquent youth, unemployment and old people. Another 5 minute drive out of Ipswich is farmland, mines and not a whole lot else. Except old, falling down graveyards. They're probably one of the only things I'll miss when we move to Melbourne in January. So, before we go, I'm going to tick off every place on my list!

What do you know, now it's hailing.


  1. Cute dress! I can see why you like it :-)

    I like to wander through old cemeteries too; I always wonder about the lives people had, especially when their graves are now forgotten. When we stayed at the Shady Dell in Bisbee, AZ we took a midnight tour of the cemetery right next to the trailer park. Visiting at night always adds an extra spooky element!

  2. Really love those photos, great clours and mood and yes I have been to Ipswich and I used to live near Warwick at Maryvale.

  3. It's not (usually) wet and sticky in Adelaide ;] We get dry heat, here.
    I like your dress. And I think this is a fantastic idea!

    -Andi x

  4. Great blog, you have the tastes and ambitious ideas of a superior woman! Love everything that you are doing....


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