Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Weekend in Pictures...

So this weekend we went to an engagement party in the country, went to the big city to buy Garth a skateboard and me some blush, eyeshadow and sunnies and I started on a 40's blouse. Sadly, my handbag gained a mysterious hole (I'm looking at you, cats.) But, all is not lost, I found one just like it on Etsy. I just have to convince the seller to post it to Australia!

While we were waiting for the skateboard to get set up, we went to Folio Books, which is one of the best bookshops in Brisbane. I was so tempted to buy the Charley Harper or "Etc", Sibella Court's beautiful new book. But...I'm too sensible.Oh, and excuse the profanity, but the "F**k you and your Blog" made me laugh...I was after all, in the store, taking pictures for my blog...


  1. looks like an awesome weekend!! and I love the scissors!

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend. Do I spy some coconut ice?
    -Andi x

  3. Tehee, that book looks awesome :) And I spied you are moving to Melbourne in January? I might be moving there too next year, all things falling into place and my partner gets a phd scholarship. Fingers crossed, I really would love to move to Melbourne :)

  4. Yay ANDI! Someone knows what it is! I wasn't sure if anyone would know what coconut ice was! It was delicious. And yes, I ate too much.

    Pretty Little Pictures - yeah, Melbourne - St Kilda, here we come. I've been offered a job in a cool vintage store down there, it's called Fancy Pants, in st Kilda, drop in, we'll be there from Feb 1st!

  5. What a lovely weekend :) And I laughed at the blogger pic... I love your dresses!

  6. aw, thanks esme. Hey, whereabouts in melbourne are you?


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