Sunday, December 20, 2009

My New Job...

Some of you may know I'm moving to Melbourne in about 5 weeks. I have a job lined up in a vintage store "Frocks and Slacks," which I was offered off the street last time I was there. The owners have just opened a second store, called "Fancypants."

I was doing some google-ing and found this interview with my boss about his newly opened store...

So how did I get the job?
Garth and I were walking past, we were in Melbourne for a job interview for him (in a hot rod shop). He got the job, but I had no work lined up. We were trying to decide if we should make the big move, when suddenly, I walked past this vintage store.

I didn't go in, because we were having this big, serious conversation, but the owner (Tracey) came out and yelled: "You can't look like that and not come in here!"

So I did. After chatting for the grand total of five minutes, she offered me a job. Didn't want my resume, didn't care if I'd done retail work before (I had). Just flat out offered me a job!

That was nearly 4 months ago. And she's keeping the job for me. What a doll.

Maybe some things are just meant to be?


  1. Thats awesome! What a great lady to keep the job for you. Thats lovely!

  2. She sounds lovely! It's so nice to know you'll have a job (that you'll love) waiting for you here!

  3. Wow that is so cool! It must be so exciting to be able to work looks wonderful!

  4. That is so awesome. How exciting. I'm also incredibly jealous because I can't get a job at all. And certainly not in a vintage store - no one seems to be able to afford employees in vintage stores, here.
    -Andi x


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