Friday, December 11, 2009

Style Patterns Ltd...

I've been looking around for a while for a good (and affordable) 40's skirt, but to no avail. The only nice one I could afford was too small. (My 27 inch waist is never going to be 24 inches!) So, etsy to the rescue. This arrived yesterday.

It's from England, and must have been made during the war, as there's a strict reminder about fabric restrictions on the back!

The pattern pieces are real paper too, not the fragile tissue I was expecting.

Now to find the right fabric...


  1. hello! I love reading your blog and weirdly, I work at 180 Great Portland St in London! Melx

  2. I am researching a client's life history as part of my work in a residential care home, my lady used to work for style fashions when she was in her 20's, i am going to pinch your pics to include in her file, she will be so thrilled to see the old patterns again, she may have even made yours!!!
    Hope you enjoy the skirt, i will certainly tell her that there is a lady still ordering items from her old factory even today, she is 94


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