Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coming up Roses / Melbourne via Lomo.

I flew into Melbourne at 5am on Tuesday morning, with the sole purpose of finding a house for us. We move in 8 days!I found the perfect place, an apartment right behind my new job at the vintage store. Of course, there were millions of people at the inspection, I figured there was no way we'd get it...but we did!
It's a great space, small, originally part of a school built in the 1880's. Two bedrooms, courtyard, fireplace...perfect. And you enter through a special gate - It's like a secret garden. No one would ever know there was a house behind the shops.
Photos of that later, but for now, here's a few lomo shots of my new suburb...

**click to enlarge**


  1. Ooh, it looks lovely! Best of luck with it all - and what a gorgeous suburb. Melbourne is beautiful.

  2. Welcome to Melbourne! Maybe I will see you around sometime.

  3. Congrats :) Those photos looks lovely... wish I could make mine so nice!! hehe ;) I'm such you will enjoy Melbourne, it's such a fun place!! xoxo

  4. WElcome to Melbourne! And congratulations on the appartment, it sounds so perfect :)

  5. Congrats on the apartment. Now that you're closer, maybe I can come visit one day. ;]
    -Andi x

  6. That collage is so cool! Would I be a total creep if I put this as my computer background? haha


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