Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Post Before the Move + Vintage Suits...

We leave at 3am tomorrow morning, on a 22 hour drive with one heavily sedated kitty and a car full of stuff.
I've packed and sent all my dresses on a truck, along with all our furniture, so here's hoping they arrive safely!

Melbourne, for those who don't know, is prone to chilly winter temperatures, so I've decided that a vintage suit might be in order. Only problem is, which style?

Decisions, decisions!


  1. I like the third one. Out of interest are these the custom made vintage suits from ebay? I was considering buying the third one myself, but didn't know if I should risk it given the high postage costs to the UK.

    What fabric are you going to choose?

  2. Love all of them but particularly number three. Gee they don't make suits like they used too. I have a couple and they are so well made and lovely.

  3. I like them all too... I have one from Top Runway, and I'm really happy with it. I found a black '40s one earlier this summer, I look froward to it being cold enough to wear it!


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