Monday, March 15, 2010

Coffee and Pie, Oh My!

Garth and I were lucky enough to score an invite to “Pie Night,” an annual event held by our buddy Ben, at his hot rod shop, Rancho Deluxe.

I made key lime pie, and Garth made an apple pie. (See explanatory nerd symbols atop said pie.)

In attendance were the fabulous Talor and her fellow Kris, Ben and his lady Anita, her friend Gemma, and us. The first rule of pie night is “Don’t talk about Pie Night” so you never know what pies people will bring. We ended up with a stunning beef and guiness (Ben) a chicken and leek (Talor/Kris) and an amazing sweet potato and poppyseed (Gemma.)

Apple was the fruit of choice, with 3 variations on the theme and my lime effort. So much pie!

Ben’s place is amazing. He lives out the back of his warehouse/cafe and has a great eye for cool old automotive paraphernalia. And look at his table! He made it out of old school gymnasium flooring. Way cool. Thanks Ben. I wore my 30’s horse dress. Look! Little horses! And check out Talor’s awesome dress – a sweet little peach number. Nice.

Here are some more photos...


  1. looks like a really fun and yummy night! Cute dress!

  2. Love the horse dress! What great fabric!!

  3. I'm assuming you were celebrating Pi day? In the math building on campus they are offering free pie today (Pi day was technically Sunday and they didn't think there would be that many people on campus).

  4. What a great idea to come together over!Lovely dress.

  5. I love the pie night idea - and Matt laughed a bit too hard at Garth's pie/pi symbols lol. Two peas in a pod.x

  6. What a great idea! We were thinking of doing a dinner once a month where everyone has to bring a dish. We were going to theme them like do italian one month then japanese the next. Pie is a great idea for a theme though. I may just have to borrow that.

  7. That dress is divine! And now I want some pie...


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