Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well, isn't that nice?

It seems that the lovely Risa from Vintage Style and Design liked the pants...

Visit her cute blog here...


  1. Isn't that lovely! I find the vintage community, both here in Melb and online are just so friendly and nice. By the way, I have been looking at older posts on your blog - can't believe you work at Frocks and Slacks - I only just did a post on a frock I bought there last week (divine black and white dress). Tracy is such a classic -- I laughed when I read that she shouted at you to come in. A great lady. I am hoping to pop by there next week so hopefully I will see you then. I use to go to Bad Mouth religiously but I think it has changed hands and the music was sooo loud (AC/DC) when I went there last time, not nice. Cheers, Maria, Vintage Suburbia
    PS sorry for the long comment, I will keep in short next time!

  2. I couldn't stop thinking about those pants this weekend! I tried to emulate the roll with jeans and failed miserably. Like yourself, I seldom wear pants of any kind. I admire your style and can't wait to see what's next!

  3. I really like them on you too!! Such a great fit and style!!


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