Thursday, July 8, 2010

Amassed Hats...

This is my newest hat - a funny little brown felt style with a black ribbon and netting. I found it crushed under some shoes in a local op shop. There were lots more - a theatre company had closed down and donated a heap of hats, which I promptly purchased. Problem is, felt crushes and gets out of shape easily, so I'm slowly steaming and reshaping them. All these hats necessitate storage...

So my wall now looks like this. I quite like it.

Have a nice night!


  1. I love your new hat, what a lovely collection!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. They look wonderful!

    What a great idea for displaying them! My roommate and I have an old accordian hangar on a wall in our apartment dedicated to our hats, but they keep falling down. May have to change it up a bit after seeing this.

  3. You have some absolutely adorable hats! :)


  4. Hi, I would be so grateful if you would share with me your method or steaming and reshaping a hat. I recently purchased a 40s hat from America and the crown could do with reshaping as it is a little dented in places, and I do not know how to go about it!
    Many thanks x

  5. Why is it that all the best vintage hats are found crushed under a pile of other things!
    Glad you were able to rescue this pretty hat. I don't think it's "funny" at all!

    Like Miss Meiow, I would also be ever so grateful if you could share your secrets for reshaping dented hats.

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love all your new hats and your way of displaying them-- did you use plastic hooks with a sticky back? Two months ago I was bitten by the vintage hat bug and have been buying them up whenever I see them, now I need to figure out how to store them all!

  7. oh you're so lucky to find such lovely hats. I've just started my hat collection, after years of thinking hats didn't suit me...little did I realise that they do! I was just trying to wear broad mass produced ones...when I discovered a lovely felt one with a bow on the back it all just clicked ! Yay! so divine. You didn't leave any behind in the store did you? ;-)


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