Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reshaping Vintage Hats...

I've had some requests on hat care after my last post. Solanah is probably the vintage hat queen, so I'll let her advice (via Queens of Vintage) speak for me!

- "All hats should be stored away from direct sunlight, not to say they should always be in hat boxes, but if there is a wall of shelf facing a window that brings in sunlight, avoid it and choose another location for your hats. Straw hats should be brushed regularly if they are not constantly in use. Take a baby brush (it has soft bristles) and gently brush away any dust collected."

- "All hats stored flat, such as in hat boxes should be stuffed in the crown with acid free tissue paper of unbleached muslin. This will keep its shape between wearing, and prevent any warping or bending that can damage the structure or design.”

- “If you have a misshapen hat, all you need to do is boil some water in a tea kettle until the water steams. Hold the hat a few inches over the spout at the warped spot. Hold for a few seconds then take it away and shape it with your fingers. Make sure not to let felt steam too long or it will shrink.” (I use a steam iron, simply because it makes stram faster and is easy to move around the hat. Either way is fine.)

Hope that helps!


  1. Hey thanks! I'm so flattered :)

    Those cloches are just dazzling, and so hard to find!


  2. <3 Yes! You should always try to fix old hats, instead of just throwing them away. 'cause even the ones in disaster condition could be saved.If you feel uncertain, let a milliner do it.
    I've renovated several 40's hats that were in very bad condition.

  3. Thank You so much for this information. I found a great hat that's squished but otherwise in pretty nice shape.

    So a steaming I will go then a stuffing with paper / muslin.

    Then once the shape is reset i might emblish it a bit more - it could use a bit of sprucing up

    The hat in this picture seems to be circle of still material with emblishment covered with toule (I think its called.. the netting stuff). It needs more of the netting stuff as what is there is in bad shape but i'm pretty sure that won't be hard to do.

    Anyone know where to best get netting for hats?
    again thanks for this blog entry!


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