Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1950's Suit...or is it?

I've been super busy with the shop plans and many sewing projects (for me and for friends/customers) but I have finally finished them and I wanted to show you this. Behold! The first suit style that I'll be selling made to measure!

It's a fifties/early sixties style and I think it looks reasonably traditional/historically accurate.

There are pockets for cold hands...

Nice buttons...

And it has a pencil skirt - although it doesn't have to. You could have a different skirt style if you wanted...


And look! The jacket has a cute peplum style flare.

(If you have any questions or would like one, feel free to email me -


  1. Ooooo... I would love one! How much would you charge?

  2. Looks beautiful you did a wonderful job on that ~Heather

  3. Lovely! The colour and fit looks perfect!

    I NEED one - it's for work, really! :D


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