Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'd Like To Thank...You!

First, a big thanks to everyone that has ever left a comment on Gatsby and Me. I appreciate your feedback and your opinions,and I realize it takes time out of your busy day. So thanks alot. (And keep them coming!)

Thanks to the girls who gave their tips for the last sewing pattern. I'll be giving them a go when I can be motivated enough. I find that once a pattern has a "too hard" part, I shelve it for a bit and come back to it later. Plus, I've fallen in love with this one now!

Is this not the best blouse ever? The peter pan collar, the sweet brown checks, the embroidered initials...Now I just have to wait by the mailbox! This one has less pieces too, so it should be easier to make.

In other "mailbox" news, a dress arrived that I bought ages ago, and had nearly forgotten about! And oh my, it's pretty fantastic. No photos yet, as it's too big and I'm going to take it apart and resize it. Don't worry - it's easy, and I've done it before. It will be done by the weekend though, I promise.

Oh, and before I leave you - I did a bit of home hair colouring. Not your usual "from the box" job, but more of a bleach, colour correction, lightening job...I like it at the moment, but you'll only see photos if it looks good in the harsh light of day!I was sick of the old dark brown. And summer's here anyway. I'm pretty cavalier with hair. We'll see if it pays off!


  1. Look forward to seeing pictures of the new do :-)

  2. I have been reading for a couple of weeks now, but haven't commented! Gah, sorry. I'm always shy when I start reading a new blog, which I know is silly. :) I love your style, and I'm so excited about your move to Melbourne! One of my favourite cities on the planet. The old buildings are just glorious.

    Andrea xx

  3. Thanks guys. I'm sooooo excited about the move. The buildings are amazing. we're both looking to find either a warehouse or an art deco apartment. I'll post pics when we move in for sure!

  4. Love the blouse! So chic and classic. Hoping for pictures of your new hairstyle!


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