Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shop Move...

So, on Thursday I was called to a meeting in the GPO, the building my shop is in. Turns out (they say) that I should have not been rented the space in the first place, as it is technically a fire escape/smoke corridor and is breaking a ton of building regulations. I had no choice but to move. Boo.

News is that the shop is still in the GPO for now, until August, but is located on Level 1, just outside lift A.

I have found a cool new location, but it's not confirmed, so watch this space!

Thanks so much to all the girls who have enquired about dresses and alterations. You are all very lovely!

See you soon!


  1. That sucks! I hope they were very apologetic! Glad you found a new location, I still have not popped into the current one to say hello and met you! Will do!

  2. boo! you did such an amazing job fitting it out! But clearly it was a crime against humanity hiding gorgeous you and your gorgeous things away up a stairwell and the universe has corrected this wrong. Onwards and upwards! x


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